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Oral Surgery


We deal with all your surgical needs ,be it extractions of teeth , removal of impacted wisdom teeth, removal of cyst ,tumours ,fracture of jaws.

Wisdom teeth are the large teeth emerge at very back of your mouth, usually at an age of 17 and 24. Some people develop their wisdom teeth, some never. A lot of the time wisdom teeth erupt with little trouble due to no enough space for them to grow so become wedged in or ‘impacted.’

Usually the problems starts when wisdom tooth becomes impacted, the Infection and inflammation start developing in and around the tooth. This results in swollen red gums, pain, jaw stiffness, and a general feeling of being unwell. Impacted wisdom tooth results in food lodgment so teeth near damage to surrounding bone. The dentist will prescribe antibiotics, but in most cases tooth removal is the only permanent solution.

Home Care after removal of tooth :


Take your medications prescribed by your dentist to relieve post surgical pain and swelling.


Eating soft and cold foods are recommended for few days after any surgical procedure.


we recommend brushing and a warm salt water rinse 24 hours after the procedure to keep the area clean. Also avoid tobacco intake& smoking.


To reduce post operative swelling, ice pack application may help to reduce swelling

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