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A story of Chikooes

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On a relaxed Sunday morning , I was enjoying chikku milkshake with my daughter ,one of her favourite fruits…………………..She asked , “ Wow, khup juicy ,sweet ahet chikku , Kuthun anales?” I answered, one of my patient had given it. They were from their farm. And satisfied, happy face of uncle came infront of me……..

Yes our Ghadge kaka………….

It was almost ten year back old man of 60-65 age came in our clinic.He sat in waiting room with anxious face. When he entered in operatory room ...disappointment was clearly seen on his face. He was a farmer..becoz of his hard work , looking younger according to his age.He was living about 20-25 km away from Satara. He came with his daughter , who was our patient.

He sat on the dental chair & said “ Dr, i didn't want to remove my entire teeth & didn’t want to use denture ( Kawali ) “ Dr. Sandeep said “ wait uncle ,first of all let me do your oral examination thoroughly & then we finalize your treatment plan. Don’t worry I will do my best to preserve your teeth. Once he heard all this , his face was enlightened with some hope . Then he opened up ….and said , “ Dr..I visited local dentist near my place & he suggested to remove all teeth …. But i didn’t want to remove my natural teeth. As my daughter & her entire family is your patients , …...they convinced me to have consultation with you . “

Then we asked him for medical history, about his habits ( He was consuming tobacco for so many years ) . We thoroughly examined him ..he had multiple missing teeth, few carious teeth on both side & upper -lower arch. Due to tobacco Consumption , his oral health was also not good.We did necessary radiographic examination .And then finally made treatment plan for him We took promise from him that he will never consume tobacco onwards ,then & then only we proceed to treatment.He agreed & happy to say that he kept his promise till today. We did gum treatment to improve his oral conditions .Did multiple root canal treatments for his carious teeth. & finally did bridge replacement for his multiple missing teeth. Treatment almost took about 3- 4 month to complete. He was very happy with his treatment.. Able to eat from both side as like natural teeth…..From last 9-10 yrs , he came regularly every six month for check up….following all instructions given by us...always come with his farm fresh veggies & fruits..chikooes.

Other than his follow up, he recommend our name for patient in his village ..many times accompanied with them…

We should always keep in mind that we should never neglect health of our teeth, Teeth are necessary for chewing… once our oral health has affected, it also influnence our overall health. Always remain away from harmful habits ...have regular dental checkup & necessary treatment at proper time . Not every one is fortunate like Ghadge kaka….