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Dental Veneers........What are they?

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I Still remember a case of Shobha.She came to me 2 yrs back .She was nervous regarding her smile. She wanted to close spaces between her front teeth.After thorough examination , I suggested her two options !) Braces treatment 2) dental veneers . As braces treatment is more natural way to close spaces, it takes about approximately 2 years to complete.,But she wanted immediate results as her marriage was just after 3 wks. Then i planned indirect Veneer ( Porcelain Veneers ) for her. She was so happy at her new look & thanked me a lot.

So friends ,many of us are unknown about these Veneer Option. Here iss my small attempt to answer these frequent questions which arise in your mind.

What are dental Venners ?

Veneers are thin shells of tooth colour materials that are bonded to the tooth surface to improve esthetics.

What are types of Veneers ?

There are two types of veneers ---. Porcelain Veneer and Composite Veneers.

Porcelain Veneers are made in lab and they are more resistant to staining ., more durable. Composite Veneers are made of resin that is shaped and bonded to the tooth surfaces.

Should I choose Composite Veneers Or Porcelain Veneer?

Ask your dentist which option is best for you. If needed changes are minor & tooth functions normally, then composite option is good. But if spacing ,crowding, broken tooth, discoloration, irregularly shaped teeth are there,then Porcelain Veneer Option is best.

What is the procedure getting a dental Veneers ?

Getting Porcelain Veneer is multistep procedure. It is combined effort of dentist and lab.After proper consultation , your dentist have to study your case to give you excellent results. He take impression of your teeth ,make study model from it. With lab, he prepare mockup to show how you will look after veneer placement .The second step is to prepare teeth for Veneers and impression is taken ,send to lab for further work. Till your work comes, your dentist will place temporaries on grinded teeh. At the next appointment, these temporaries are removed,porcelain Veneers are cemented on teeth.

In Case of composite veneers, after mockup ,teeth are adjusted . Composite resins are bonded to your teeth structure. Thes type of Veneers may get discoloured after some years. They required polishing after every six months. They are not long lasting as Porcelain Veneers.

Who is good candidate for Veneers ?

1. Discolored teeth

2. Mild spacing

3. Mild crowded teeth

4. Irregularly shaped teeth

5. Broken teeth

How to take care of Veneers :

1. Proper care is very important part. Brush twice a day . Flossing is also essential part

2. Pay more attention to your gumline. Failure to clean in this area leads to decay.

3. Avoid biting hard substances & food.

4. If you have multiple Veneers in mouth, Clenching and grinding can cause fractures in Veneers.So wearing of occlusal guard is necessary.

How long do dental Veneer last?

Typically Veneers last longer. They do not require any special care other than regular brushing and flossing. Regular visit to your dentist is must.Oral prophylaxis after 6 month is highly recommended.