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Invisible Braces Treatment in Satara

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As soon as we hear the word “braces”, the thought of children wearing a silver wire like thing on their teeth comes to our mind. Now, what is this invisible braces?

At Yashashree dental care we offer invisible braces treatment in Satara. Now, let us know more about invisalign.

Invisalign are invisible dental braces. It is like wearing a brace but without that silver wire! Amazing, isn’t it?

The silver braces sometimes seem to interfere with the esthetic, especially in public gatherings. With Invisalign dental braces, this is no more an issue.


Invisalign is a transparent brace made up of a flexible material that functions like the conventional braces but is superior in multiple ways.

What is an Invisalign dental braces?

Invisalign dental braces are transparent braces used in children and young adults. It uses transparent plastic trays of polyurethane material that have the elasticity to hold back the teeth and re position them. Instead of metal wires, transparent plastic is used in Invisalign, which makes is more aesthetically soothing.

How to get an Invisalign dental braces?

To get an invisible dental brace you have to visit us at Yashashree dental care. We take 2 appointments to complete the whole treatment. On the 1st appointment, we will take the impression of your teeth and send it to the lab. The Invisalign then will be custom made for every patient. On the 2nd appointment we will deliver it to you.

How long does the treatment take?

Straightening your teeth can take from days to months, depending on the condition of your oral cavity.

Why should I prefer Invisalign over regular dental braces?

The first and foremost reason to prefer Invisalign over regular dental braces is its aesthetic look. An Invisalign dental brace is barely visible over your teeth. It camouflages so well that you can get your teeth straightened without anyone even noticing it. Functionally it is equally competent as the metal braces, sometimes even more effective since it gives a full mouth coverage.

Will the teeth be in the same position forever after treatment with invisible braces?

Yes, braces treatment is a permanent cure to your misaligned teeth. Once the treatment is over and you get a perfect tooth setting done, it will last a lifetime. At Yashashree dental care we have on board with us the best dental surgeons of the town. So, you can be rest assured to get the treatment best suited for you at our clinic.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Invisalign dental braces are costlier than regular braces, but totally worth it. On an average, an Invisalign dental braces will cost you anything around 1 lac to 5 lacs.

Can I eat with Invisalign on?

Invisalign dental braces are the only type of braces that will allow you to eat anything and everything. The material used to make an Invisalign is such that it can be removed and reinstalled very easily and doesn’t cause any harm while eating. You can perform all the regular work with an Invisalign on.

Is getting an Invisalign painful?

Any procedure at yashashree dental care is painless. We take care of our patient’s comfort before anything else. Getting an Invisalign is a painless procedure in general. But sometimes it may cause a little pain while adjusting it.

So, if you are having irregular teeth, without any further delay, visit us at Yashashree dental care to get invisible braces treatment in Satara.