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Root Canal Treatment in Satara

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We all are very acquainted with the term root canal treatment. We hear our friends or relatives talk about getting a root canal treatment and sharing their individual experience for the same. But do we know what exactly happens in a root canal treatment?

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Let us have an overview of what is a root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment, as the name suggests, is the treatment involving the tooth root. Our tooth has two parts, the crown and the root.


The root portion of our tooth contains the pulp which is the tooth nerve. A root canal treatment is required once that nerve is affected.

What is the procedure for a root canal treatment?

Once the tooth root is infected, the dentist by means of various instrumentation removes the nerve which is infected. Once it is removed, the patient is relieved of the pain. One the root canal treatment is over, an artificial crown or cap is then fabricated and incorporated on it.

Why is it necessary to put the cap after a root canal treatment?

Once the pulp is removed from the tooth root, the tooth becomes non vital and fragile due to lack of blood supply. Moreover, root canal treatment requires a lot of instrumentation that removes the bulk of the tooth thus making it more prone to fracture.

To prevent the root canal treated tooth from fracture, it is important to place an artificial crown as soon as possible, once the RCT is over.

What is the procedure to get the tooth crown after root canal treatment?

Once the root canal treatment is over, the tooth crown is trimmed from every side to make space for the artificial crown. The crown needs to be custom made for every patient. Once the RCT is done, a full mouth impression is taken and then sent to the lab to fabricate the crown. Within 2-3 days the crown is then incorporated by means of dental cement.

How long does it take to get a root canal treatment?

In general, a root canal treatment can require 1 to 4 appointments depending on the condition of your teeth.

If the condition is favourable, single sitting RCT is done whereas if the tooth is highly infected, it may take 4-5 appointments to completely remove the infection before placing the crown.

What is the expense of a Root Canal treatment?

The cost of a root canal treatment varies from 3k to 10k, depending upon the case.

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