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Wisdom Tooth Removal in Satara

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Have you been advised to get your wisdom tooth removed? Visit us at Yashashree dental care to get a painless wisdom tooth removal in Satara.

What is a wisdom tooth?

A wisdom tooth is the last tooth to erupt in the oral cavity. Its eruption time is between to 17 to 25 years. they are 4 in number, 1 in each quadrant.


Why is an erupting wisdom tooth painful?

Wisdom tooth, being the last tooth to erupt in the arch, face a space crisis while its eruption. Due to lack of enough space in the arch it seems to push the last erupted tooth on the arch which causes the pain.

Sometimes, while erupting it creates a pocket between the last erupted tooth of the arch and itself which causes the pain as well.

Erupting third molar also causes peri coronal infection while eruption, known as pericoronitis.

Is wisdom tooth removal a very difficult procedure?

Wisdom tooth, being the last one of the arch is hard to access intraorally. So, it automatically becomes harder to work on it as compared to the other teeth.

Sometimes, it is so curved and so much embedded within the bone that it is necessary to remove the surrounding bone in order to take it out. So, a wisdom tooth removal is quite different from a normal extraction. It might be assisted with a minor surgery as well. The surgery part seems to be scary to some. But you can be rest assured that at Yashashree dental care every dental procedure is comfortable and painless. We have on board with us the best dental surgeons of the town. So you can visit us for your wisdom tooth removal at Satara without any second thoughts.

What is the process of a wisdom tooth removal?

Wisdom tooth removal is a minor surgical procedure, mostly performed under Local Anesthesia. Sometimes the dental surgeon might prefer a general anesthesia as well, depending upon the condition of the patient. In that case the patient is admitted the day before the surgery and discharged a day later, post- surgery.

One of the most important things to maintain during any surgery is to maintain a sterile environment. We, at Yashashree dental care maintain perfect sterilization during any kind of surgical procedures to prevent any kind of post- operative complications.

What is the cost of a wisdom tooth removal in Satara?

The cost for a wisdom tooth removal varies from 5k to 25 k depending upon the case.

If you have any further queries, you can book an appointment with us or visit us directly at Yashashree dental care in Satara. We are available 24*7 to provide you any kind of assistance regarding your dental health.